Irish wildflowers

Photograph below by Paul Green

Sea Carrot
Daucus carota subsp. gummifer
Mealbhacán mara
Family: Apiaceae

Coastal subspecies of Wild Carrot, D. carota.
Flowering June-July. Biennial. Native.

Umbels of white-pinky/red flowers. Fruit umbels not contracted in fruit, convex to slightly concave, rays with stiff, bristly hairs. Darker-green, fleshier, blunter leaflets than Wild Carrot. Shorter, stouter stems, height usually less than 25cm.

Only found on coasts, in grassland on cliffs and stable sand-dunes.
Rare, coasts of Counties Cork, Waterford and Wicklow.
Confirmed by Paul Green


Sea Carrot. County Waterford (Paul Green). Sea Carrot. Galley Head, County Cork

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