Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Ballingeary, Co.Cork

Des Etangs' St. John's-wort
Hypericum x desetangsii (Hypericum maculatum x perforatum)
Family: Hypericaceae

Hybrid between Perforate St.John's-wort and Imperforate St.John's-wort.

Flowering time: June-September. Perennial. Native.

Fertile. Variously intermediate between parents and can occur in their absence.
Golden-yellow flowers. Oval leaves with fewer translucent veins, translucent dots very few or absent. Small black dots along undersides of leaf margins. Stems round in cross-section with 2 or 4 raised ridges.

Damp grassland, roadsides, railway embankments.
Has not been nationally mapped and is probably very under-recorded except in Waterford and Wexford.
Identification confirmed by Paul Green

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