Irish wildflowers

Photos: Ballingeary area, Co.Cork

Imperforate St. John's-wort
Hypericum maculatum
Beathnua gan smál
Family: Hypericaceae

Flowering time: June-August. Perennial. Native.

Golden-yellow flowers, 5 petals with black dots, blunt sepals, many stamens.
Leaves without translucent dots, opposite, un-toothed, stalkless.
Translucent veins. Square, un-winged stems. Height: 30-90 cm.

Heavy, damp soils. Wood edges, roadsides, hedge banks.

Similar: Perforate St. John's-wort, H. perforatum.
Leaves with many translucent dots. Round stems. Pointed sepals. Dryer ground.

Des Etangs' St. John's-wort, Hypericum x desetangsii.
Hybrid between Imperforate St. John's-wort and Perforate St. John's-wort.
Round stems with two or four raised ridges.

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