Irish wildflowers

Photos: Co.Cork and Co.Limerick

Western Marsh-orchid
Dactylorhiza kerryensis (D. occidentalis)
Magairlín gaelach
Family: Orchidaceae

Chromosome and DNA work shows D. kerryensis is an independent species,
endemic to Ireland. Flowering time: May-July. Tuberous perennial. Native.

Deep red-purple to pinkish-purple flowers in dense flower spike. Spreading side sepals, broad 3-lobed lip with narrow, pointed mid-lobe, Lip strongly marked with crimson dots and streaks. Broad, spreading leaves with purple blotches/spots, but in parts of Ireland the leaves are unmarked. Robust, stocky growth habit. Very variable.

Damp calcareous grassland, fens, roadsides, marshes, dune slacks. Scattered distribution, mainly S, W, NW Ireland.


WEstern Marsh Orchid. Co.Cork June 2007 and Co.Limerick May 2008

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