Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Macroom, Co.Cork

Danish Scurvygrass / Early Scurvygrass
Cochlearia danica
Carrán creige
Family: Brassicaceae

Flowering: February-June. Winter annual. Native.

Small mauve or white flowers, four petals. Ovoid fruit, both ends narrowed.
Fleshy leaves, basal leaves long stalked, round to triangular. Stem leaves stalked, ivy-shaped. More/less prostrate. Very variable. Usually less than 13cm high.

Usually coastal, sea cliffs, also edge of saltmarshes, beaches, walls and pavements in coastal towns. S coast, also NE and E coasts. Inland along motorway between Dublin and Belfast and motorways in N Ireland.

Photographs above: Macroom, Co.Cork. March 2007

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