Irish wildflowers

English Scurvygrass, Cochlearia anglica, Carrán muirisce
Photos: Inchidoney, Co.Cork

English Scurvygrass
Cochlearia anglica
Carrán muirisce
Family: Brassicaceae

Flowering: April-June. Biennial or perennial. Native.

White flowers, 4-petalled, petals 5-6mm. Flattened fruit. Stem leaves stalked or clasping. Basal leaves tapering to stem. Stems erect or ascending. To 35cm.

Salt-marshes, also on firm mud near high-tide mark. Scattered coastal distribution, but mainly South. Not on roadsides. Less frequent than Common Scurvygrass.

Similar: Common Scurvygrass, C. officinalis.
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