Irish wildflowers

Yellow Rattle
Rhinanthus minor
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Flowering: May-August. Semi-parasitic annual. Native.

Short spike of yellow 2-lipped flowers. Upper lip sometimes with 2 short violet teeth. Fruit is bladder-like, flat seeds rattle when dry. Narrow toothed leaves in opposite pairs. Stem hard, sometimes blackish. Erect, more/less hairless plant. Height: 10-30cm. Semi-parasitic. Very variable, several subspecies recognised.

Can be abundant on semi-natural grassland and dunes, declining in some areas.
Included in many wildflower seed mixtures.

Similar: Yellow Bartsia, Parentucellia viscose.
Bright yellow flowers in terminal raceme. Stalkless leaves, slightly toothed. Sticky,
hairy. Damp arable land, moist heaths. Rare, locally frequent in SW Ireland.


Above: Yellow Rattle. Derrynane, Co.Kerry. July 2006

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