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Juncus foliosus

Leafy Rush
Juncus foliosus
Buafluachair dhuilleach
Family: Juncaceae

Flowering July - August. Annual. Native.

Very similar to Toad Rush, J. bufonius. Recognised as subspecies of J. bufonius in 1959, treated as a species since 1978 (Cope & Stace).

Stouter plant with broader, lime-green leaves. Anthers longer than filaments. Perianth segments more/less equal capsule. Tepals with dark streak each side of midrib. Conspicuously ridged seeds. Erect to ascending stems. Identification confirmed by Paul Green

Usually found on permanently wet ground, but avoids brackish water. Wet fields, marshes, ditches, muddy pond-margins. Scattered distribution in Ireland, but probably under-recorded.


Leafy Rush. Ballingeary area, Co.Cork. May 2008

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