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Blue Moor-grass, Sesleria caerulea

Blue Moor-grass
Sesleria caerulea
Féar boirne
Family: Poaceae

Flowering April-June. Perennial. Native.

Very compact, egg-shaped flowerheads, blue-violet spikelets with 2-3 flowers with minute awns and membraneous glumes. Broad, mainly basal, greyish-green leaves, the blunt tips with a minute point. Short, blunt ligules. Keeled leaves and sheaths.. Height 15-30cm.

Found in limestone areas on rocky ground and in grassland. Can be locally frequent in parts of central, western and north-western Ireland.

Blue Moor-grass, Sesleria caerula       Blue Moor-grass, Sesleria caerula

Blue Moor-grass, Sesleria caerula. The Burren, April 2009

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