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Italian Rye-grass
Lolium multiflorum
Seagalach lodálach
Family: Poaceae

Flowering May - September. Annual or biennial. Introduced.

A larger, stiffer and more tufted grass than Perennial Rye-grass, L. perenne. Spikelets with 10-20 flowers, spikelets with a conspicuous awn, to 10mm. Rough stems and sheaths. Broader leaves (to 10mm wide), rolled when young.

Very common in cultivation and can persist for several years on roadsides, field margins and on wste ground.

Similar: Perennial Rye-grass, L. perenne and the hybrid
Lolium multiflorum x L. perenne (L. x boucheanum)


Italian Rye-grass. County Cork. June 2008.

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