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Meadow Fox-tail
Alopecurus pratensis
Fiteog léana
Family: Poaceae

Flowering March-April. Perennial. Native.

Dense, cylindrical, greenish flowering spike, tapering at both ends.
Numerous 1-flowered spikelets with protruding silky awns. Anthers variable in colour, can be yellow-brownish or purple. Roughish flat leaves with inflated upper sheaths and blunt ligules. More/less tufted. Erect stems. Height: 40-100cm.

Prefers moist, fertile soil, avoiding water-logged or light, dry ground. Roadsides, fields, woodland edges. Widespread, but less frequent in Western Ireland.

Similar: Marsh Foxtail, Alopecurus geniculatus


Meadow Foxtail, Alopecurus pratensis

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