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Diaphanous Bladder-fern, Cystopteris diaphana

Diaphanous Bladder-fern / Greenish Bladder-fern
Cystopteris diaphana
Family: Athyriaceae

Spores ripen late summer to early winter.

Very similar to Brittle Bladder-fern, D. fragilis but majority of veins in the fronds end between the pinnule teeth and not at the apices.
Found by Tony O'Mahony (V.C. recorder for Co.Cork) in 1984.

"Scully (1916) regarded C. fragilis as rather common on damp cliffs in the mountains of Co. Kerry but also as very rare at low levels on lowland walls and rocks. It is these latter cases which are more likely to represent C. diaphana. Any Cystopteris found growing at low altitudes and particularly those in river bank habitats should be critically examined." Watsonia2 5: 255-263 (2005)
Photo identification confirmed by Paul Green


Diaphanous Bladder-fern. County Cork. November 2008

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