Irish wildflowers

Hedera helix
Family: Araliaceae

Flowering time: September - November. Evergreen climber. Native.

Clusters of very small yellow-green flowers on stems in good light at the top
of the plant. Fruit is black, poisonous!!!
Flowering and non-flowering stems occur. Juvenile leaves on non-flowering stems are palmate, 3-5 lobed. Mature leaves on flowering stems are oval, untoothed, glossy dark green. Height/spread: To 30m.

Very common on trees in woodland, hedges, on dry banks, rocks and walls.
Also grows horizontally as groundcover in woodland.

The flowers are a source of nectar for Red Admiral butterflies and many moths.
Peacock and Tortoiseshell butterflies may hibernate in Ivy over winter.
Ivy is also the food plant of Holly Blue caterpillars.

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