Irish wildflowers

Bell Heather
Erica cinerea
Fraoch cloigíneach
Family: Ericaceae

Flowering time: June-September. Evergreen. Native.

Bright red-purple flowers in short spikes, occasionally white. Narrow hairless sepals. Dark green stalked leaves, in whorls of 3. Leaf margins rolled back, hiding lower surface. Tufts of leaves in axils. Erect, straggly growth. Height: 45-60cm

Acidic heaths and moorland. Abundant except in central Ireland.

Related: Irish Heath, E. erigena. Only found Galway, Mayo. Bogs, wet heaths.
Tall, to 150cm. Part of Lusitanian Flora.

Photographs above: Ballingeary, Co.Cork. July 2006

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