Irish wildflowers

Bladderwort, Utricularia
Photos: Inchigeela area, Co.Cork

Utricularia intermedia agg.
Lus borraigh gaelach
Family: Lentibulariaceae

Flowering August-September. Insectivorous aquatic perennial. Native.

Pale-yellow flowers with long, pointed spur, very rarely produced. Floating and submerged stems. Leaves with toothed segments, bristle points on tips. Small, transluscent bladders on separate branches, often buried in mud. These bladders trap and digest small aquatic insects. Over-wintering buds.
Shallow peaty water and bare wet, acidic peat. Mainly NW, W, SW Ireland.

Provisional identification by Mike Wilcox as Utricularia stygia after examination of quadrifids in bladders. Needs confirming.


Bladderwort. Inchigeela area, County Cork. October2008

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