Irish wildflowers

Hairy Lady's-mantle, Alchemilla filicaulis
Photos: Ballingeary, Co.Cork

Hairy Lady's-mantle
Alchemilla filicaulis
Dearna Mhuire ghiobach
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering June-July. Perennial. Native.

Numerous small greenish-yellow flowers in terminal cymes. Sepals and bracts, no petals. Small to medium leaves, to 7cm diameter. Rounded lobes with 13-19 teeth. Whole plant more/less densely hairy. 2 subspecies occur.

Dry rough or stony grassland, stream banks and rocks, roadside verges.

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Hairy Lady's-mantle, Alchemilla filicaulis
Hairy Lady's-mantle. Ballingeary, Co.Cork. October 2008

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