Irish wildflowers

Spiny Restharrow, Ononis spinosa
Photos: County Waterford

Spiny Restharrow
Ononis spinosa
Family: Fabaceae

Flowering June-September. Perennial. Introduced.

Pea-like purplish-pink flowers. Wings shorter than the keel, calyx shorter than seedpod. Narrow, pointed leaflets. Stems hairy, tipped with sharp spines.
Erect, bushy growth, no rhizomes. Height to 70cm.

Only Irish records are from verges of the city by-pass Co. Waterford. Probably introduced with grass seed. Recorded by Paul Green

Similar: Restharrow, O. repens

Spiny Restharrow, Ononis spinosa       Spiny Restharrow, Ononis spinosa
Spiny Restharrow. Roadside Waterford by-pass. September 2008

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