Irish wildflowers

Slender Parsley-piert, Aphanes australis, Mionán Muire caol
Photos: Ardmore, County Waterford

Slender Parsley-piert
Aphanes australis
Mionán Muire caol
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering May - August. Annual. Native.

Very similar to Parsley Piert, A. arvensis but smaller and more slender. Tiny stalkless, greenish-yellow flowers in the leaf axils. No petals. Large stipules, divided halfway into lobes. Fruit with small calyx teeth, sepals enclosed within stipules. Seeds usually winter germinating. Deep-lobed leaves. Hairy.

Acidic gravelly or sandy soils. Dunes, gravel-pits, roadsides, dry rocky ground.
Identification by Paul Green


Slender Parsley-piert. Ardmore, County Waterford. May 2008

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