Irish wildflowers

Photos: Beara peninsula, Co.Cork

Birds-foot Clover
Trifolium ornithopodioides
Seamair éin

Flowering June - July. Winter annual. Native.

Small white or pale pink flowers, solitary or 2-4. Seedpod much longer than calyx. Hairless, slightly fleshy, heart-shaped leaflets with transluscent veins. Very small-toothed. Prostrate growth with spreading reddish-green stems.

Coastal. Found on semi-open grassy, gravelly or sandy ground. Prefers ground that is wet in winter, very dry in summer. Rare, occasional near E, S Irish coasts.
Inconspicuous plant, probably under-recorded.
Identification very uncertain

Birds-foot Clover. Garinish, near Adrigole, County Cork. July 2008

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