Irish wildflowers

Sherard's Downy-rose, Rosa sherardii, Rós Shioraird
Photographs: Co.Waterford

Sherard's Downy-rose
Rosa sherardii
Rós Shioraird
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering June - July. Deciduous shrub. Native.

Flowers deep pink. Stalks glandular hairy. Fruit with stalked glands, globose to ovoid. Sepals with some lobes, usually persistent until fruit ripe. Leaves bluish green, downy, undersides with few or no stalked glands. Erect growth, to 2m.

Grows on variety of soils, tolerates moderately wet, acidic conditions. Hedges, scrub, woodland edges, heathland, roadsides. Widespread except central Ireland.
Identification by Paul Green


Sherard's Downy-rose. Dungarvan area, County Waterford. June 2008

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