Irish wildflowers

Short-styled Field-rose, Rosa stylosa, Rós stíleach
Photographs: County Waterford

Short-styled Field-rose
Rosa stylosa
Rós stíleach
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering June - July. Deciduous shrub. Native.

Pale pink flowers, petals white at base. Thick conical disc, styles united in column shorter than inner sepals. Outer sepals lobed, reflexed, persistent. Pedicels with some stalked glands. Hips smooth. Leaflets single-toothed, downy beneath. Hooked prickles, stout bases. Stems arching, 2-4m.

Well-drained calcareous soils, hedges, roadsides. Mainly found in Co. Waterford and Co. Cork, also central Ireland.
Identification by Paul Green



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