Irish wildflowers

Rose-of-Sharon, Hypericum calycinum, Lus buí Mhanannáin
Photos: roadside, County Cork

Hypericum calycinum
Lus buí Mhanannáin
Family: Hypericaceae

Flowering June - September. Evergreen shrub. Garden escape. Introduced.

Golden-yellow flowers with many prominent stamens. Insect pollinated hermaphrodite flowers. Seed-set is poor as plants are self-incompatitable. Evergreen leaves. Vigorous growth, mainly spreads vegetatively. Height to 50cm.

Grows in full sun or deep shade, but prefers well-drained ground. Drought tolerant.
Established garden escape, former in demesnes, woodland, shady banks, roadsides. Also on waste ground, dunes.

Rose-of-Sharon. June 2008

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