Irish wildflowers

Small-flowered Sweet-briar, Rosa micrantha, Dris chumhra bheag
Photographs: Co.Waterford

Small-flowered Sweet-briar
Rosa micrantha
Dris chumhra bheag
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering June - July. Deciduous shrub. Native.

Small pink flowers with glandular-hairy stalks. Sepals strongly reflexed, glandular, simple and lobed. Falling before fruit ripens. Hips with some stalked glands.
Leaves usually hairless above, glandular beneath. Arching stems.

Hedges, river banks, forestry rides. Southern half Ireland, mainly counties Cork, Waterford, Wexford.
Identification: Paul Green, Co.Wexford

Small-flowered Sweet-briar. County Waterford

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