Irish wildflowers

Photos: The Burren, Co.Clare

Hoary Rock-rose
Helianthemum oelandicum subsp. piloselloides
Grianrós liath
Family: Cistaceae

Flowering May-July. Perennial sub-shrub. Native.

Pale yellow flowers, opening only in sunshine. Prominent stamens.
Small narrow leaves in opposite pairs, dark-green above, silver-felted below. Prostrate, twiggy stems. Creeping, mat-forming growth. Flower stems to 5cm.

Exposed S or SW-facing sites on rocks or in short, limestone grassland.
Locally abundant but only on Inishmore, coastal between Poll Salach and Black Head and in the north of the Burren National Park. Vulnerable species.
Apologies for poor photographs - it was raining!
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