Irish wildflowers

Stone Bramble, Rubus saxatilis, Sú na mban mín
Photos: The Burren, Co.Clare

Stone Bramble
Rubus saxatilis
Sú na mban mín
Family: Rosaceae

Flowering May-July. Perennial. Native.

Small clusters of 2-3 white flowers with narrow, usually upright petals and deflexed sepals. Edible red fruit with 2-5 large drupes. Upright flowering stems.
Leaves ternate, with toothed, oval leaflets, slightly hairy underneath. Growth dies back in winter, new herbaceous stems are produced annually. Slender stems are creeping, prickly, unbranched, 15-50cm long.

Stony or rocky ground, lake-shores, dunes. Locally frequent, mainly found in the
W, NW and NE of Ireland.
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