Irish wildflowers

Pyramidal Bugle, Ajuga pyramidalis, Glasair bheannach
Photos: The Burren, Co.Clare

Pyramidal Bugle
Ajuga pyramidalis
Glasair bheannach
Family: Lamiaceae

Flowering April-May. Perennial. Native.

Small pale mauve-blue flowers on erect stems. All bracts are longer than flowers, pale-green strongly tinged with pinkish-violet. Produces very long-lived seed.
Short-stalked basal leaves, forming flattish rosette. Stem leaves stalkless. Stem hairy all round. Stolons but no runners. Height: 8-15cm, but can be smaller.

Rocky ground round Galway Bay. Also recorded from a site in the N of Ireland.
Very rare. Vulnerable: Red Data Book 2006.

All photographs of Pyramidal Bugle in flower are Micheal G Slattery

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