Irish wildflowers

Bur Chervil, Anthriscus caucalis, Peirsil bhog
Photos: Blarney, Co.Cork

Bur Chervil
Anthriscus caucalis
Peirsil bhog
Family: Apiaceae

Flowering May-June. Annual. Native.

Small short-stalked umbels of white flowers with 3-6 rays opposite leaves.
Bracts usually absent, bracteoles fine-pointed. Ovoid beaked fruit with hooked bristles, 3mm long. Small leaves, 2-3 times pinnate, hairy underneath. Hollow, hairless stems. Height: 25-50cm.

Open well-drained sandy or gravelly ground. Roadsides, waste ground, hedgebanks. Rare, mainly found in E and central Ireland. Possibly introduced in Co.Cork



Bur Chervil. Blarney, Co.Cork. April 2008

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