Irish wildflowers

Blackcurrant, Ribes nigrum, Cuirín dubh

Ribes nigrum
Cuirín dubh
Family: Grossulariaceae

Flowering April-May. Deciduous shrub. Introduced. Garden escape.

Drooping racemes of pinkish-green,bell-shaped flowers, recurved, hairy sepals. Fruit is an edible berry, reddish ripening to black, persistent sepals. Leaves are usually 5-lobed, small brownish glands beneath, slightly 'catty' smell. To 2m.

Damp woods, hedges, riversides, lakeshores, waste ground. Introduced.
Widespread garden escape, discard or relic of cultivation. Most frequent N Ireland.


Blackcurrant. Macroom, Co.Cork. May 2008

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