Irish wildflowers

Toothwort, Lathraea squamaria, Slánú fiacal
Photos: Blarney, Co.Cork

Lathraea squamaria
Slánú fiacal
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Flowering March-May. Annual or perennial. Native.

One-sided racemes of cream to pinkish flowers on erect above-ground spikes.
Calyx 4-lobed, glandular-hairy. Creamish-white fleshy scale-like leaves.
Height 10-20cm. Grows from underground rhizomes. Lacks green colouring.

Parasitic on roots of trees and shrubs including Hazel, Cherry Laurel, Poplar. Deciduous woodland, hedges, stream banks. Rare, but widespread throughout Ireland. Most frequent in NE.

Toothwort. Blarney, Co.Cork. April 2008

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