Irish wildflowers

Irish Ladys-tresses, Spiranthes romanzoffiana, Cúilín gaelach
Photos: Sorcha Peirce, Co.Galway

Irish Ladys-tresses
Spiranthes romanzoffiana
Cúilín gaelach
Family: Orchidaceae

Flowering August-September. Perennial. Native.

Scented white flowers in three spiralling rows up short spike. Sets little seed, mainly reproduces vegetatively. Leaves are linear-lanceolate with some stem leaves present.

Peaty soils, lake-shores, stream-sides, boggy damp ground. Widespread in N.America, but in Europe only found in SW, W and NE Ireland and NW Scotland.
Endangered species, protected by 1999 Flora Protection Order.
Similar: Autumn Ladys-tresses, S. spiralis
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