Irish wildflowers

Amphibious Bistort, Persicaria amphibia, Glúineach uisce
Centre photo by Jonathan Micheal

Amphibious Bistort
Persicaria amphibia
Glúineach uisce
Family: Polygonaceae

Flowering June-September. Perennial. Native.

Short, dense spikes of pink flowers, flower spikes often solitary.
Two forms - aquatic or terrestrial. Long-stalked leaves, round or truncate at base. Floating leaves hairless, larger than those of terrestrial plants. Stems creeping, rooting at nodes. Long rhizomes. Spreads by seed and rhizome fragments.

Widespread. Aquatic form found in ponds, lakes, ditches, slow-flowing rivers.
Terrestrial form on damp ground, marshes, wet fields, dune-slacks.


      Amphibious Bistort, Persicaria amphibia

Photographs above: Aughinish, County Limerick. August 2008

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