Irish wildflowers

<i>Senecio x albescens, Senecio cineraria x S.jacobaea
Photos: Bantry, Co.Cork

Silver Ragwort x Common Ragwort
Senecio cineraria x jacobaea (S. x albescens)
Family: Asteraceae

Flowering summer - autumn. Perennial. Garden escape / native.

Fertile hybrid between Silver Ragwort, S. cineraria and Ragwort, S. jacobaea.
Yellow flowers, similar to those of Ragwort. Greyish-green leaves, more/less silvery pubescent. Usually intermediate in appearance but back-crosses occur.

Urban walls, pavement cracks, waste ground and on sea cliffs, dunes.
First Irish record Killiney Bay, Dublin in 1902 (persisting). Also recorded from Cork, Antrim, Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny. Casual, sometimes persistent.
Identification confirmed by Paul Green


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