Irish wildflowers

Crow Garlic, Wild Onion, Allium vineale
Photos: Macroom, Co. Cork

Crow Garlic / Wild Onion
Allium vineale
Gairleog Mhuire
Family: Lilaceae

Flowering June-July. Bulbous perennial. Native.

Umbels of bulbils or occasionally flowers and bulbils together. Long-stalked bell shaped flowers with pinkish or greenish-white tepals. Blue-flowered form occurs in N Kerry. Single-valved, beaked spathe, shorter than umbel, falling early. Long slender leaves, hollow, nearly cylindrical, sheathing lower part of stem. 30-75cm.

Dry neutral or calcareous soils, grassland, roadsides, hedge banks. Native in south half and E Ireland, possibly introduced in NE.
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