Irish wildflowers

Cyclamen, Cyclamen hederifolium
Photos: near Baltimore, Co.Cork

Cyclamen / Sowbread
Cyclamen hederifolium (C.neapolitanum)
Family: Primulaceae

Flowering: August-November. Perennial. Relic of cultivation or garden escape.

Flowers pale to deep pink with deep purple-magenta markings at base of petal lobes. Appear either before or with ivy-like young leaves. Seeds freely.
Leaves are very variable in shape, patterned with grey, cream or green markings. Tubers root from top and sides.

Rarely found in the wild but occasionally naturalised in churchyards. Also very infrequent garden escape. Grows in sun or partial shade, usually in deciduous woodland. The most reliably hardy of the cultivated cyclamen species.
Prefers humus-rich soil.
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