Irish wildflowers

Photos: Bantry, Co.Cork

Babingtons Orache
Atriplex glabriuscula
Eilifleog chladaigh
Family: Chenopodiaceae

Flowering time: July-September. Annual. Native.

Monoecious. Flowering spike often leafy. Male flowers 5 sepals and stamens,
female flowers without sepals, 2 triangular bracteoles enclose ovary and fruit.
Bracteoles with 2-3 small equal-sized teeth each side, fused approx halfway.
Similar to Spear-leaved Orache but stems, leaves more mealy. Leaves tapered
at base. Spreading or procumbent, occasionally erect. Very variable.

Occasional. Coastal on sand or shingle.
Identification: Paul Green, Co.Wexford.


Above: Babingtons Orache. Bantry, Co.Cork.

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