Irish wildflowers

Photos: Patrick Slavin, the Burren

Lesser Butterfly-orchid
Platanthera bifolia
Magairlín beag an fhéileacáin
Family: Orchidaceae

Flowering: June-July. Tuberous perennial. Native.

Flowers slightly greenish white, scented. Spur 25-30mm. Longer than ovary.
Unlobed narrow linear-oblong lip. Pollinia parallel, close together, 2mm long.
Two basal leaves, oval-elliptical. Smaller stem leaves. Height: To 30cm.

Found on both acidic and calcareous soils. Grassland, scrub, dunes, woodland and heaths. Also found in acidic bog and calcareous fens.

Similar: Greater Butterfly-orchid

Photographs above: The Burren, Co.Clare.

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