Irish wildflowers

Photos left: Patrick Slavin, Co.Offaly.

Druces Cranes-bill
Geranium x oxonianum (Geranium endressii x versicolor)
Family: Geraniaceae

Flowering: May-September. Perennial. Garden escape. Introduced.

Pale or dark pink flowers, with or without darker veins. Self-seeds freely. Deeply divided 5-lobed leaves. Erect or ascending stems. A fertile garden hybrid, found independently of parent plants.
Geranium x oxonianum 'Thurstonianum' has very narrow petals.

Open, well-drained ground. Waste ground, roadsides. An infrequent garden escape or discard, also found as a relic of cultivation.

Similar: French Crane's-bill, G. endressii


Above: Druces Cranesbill. Inchigeela, Co.Cork. Jenny Seawright June 2008.

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