Irish wildflowers

Arum maculatum
Photos: Co.Cork

Arum maculatum

Lords-and-Ladies / Cuckoo-pint / Arum
Arum maculatum
Cluas chaoin
Family: Araceae

Flowering: March-May. Fruiting: July-August. Rhizomatous perennial. Native.

Tiny flowers in dense spike (spadix) enclosed in sheath (spathe). Upper part forming hood. Spadix brown or purplish. Spathe yellowish-cream, spotted or streaked with purple. Fruiting spike 3-6cm. The orange/red berries are poisonous.
Long-stalked, hairless, arrow-triangular shaped leaves, sometimes with purplish-black blotches. Net-veined. Height: 30-50 cm.

Found in woods and hedgebanks on rich, calciferous soils.

Similar: Italian Lords-and-ladies, A. Italicum ssp. italicum.
White-veined leaves and yellow spathe. Introduced.



Above: Lords-and-ladies. Blarney, Co.Cork. April 2008

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