Irish wildflowers

Photo below: Co.Cork

Yellow Horned Poppy
Glaucium flavum
Caillichín na trá
Family: Papaveraceae

Flowering: June-September. Biennial / short-lived perennial. Native.

Solitary yellow flowers, 4-petalled, long-stalked. Long, hairless seed capsules, sickle-shaped, to 30cm long. Stem-leaves clasping. Fleshy grey-green basal leaves, pinnate-lobed, hairy. Over-wintering basal rosette. Plant contains yellow latex. Height: 30-90cm.

Locally frequent on coastal cliffs, dunes, shingle beaches. S, E coasts, occasional
in W Ireland. Absent from NW Ireland.


Photographs above: Dungarvan, Co.Waterford and Ringaskiddy, Co.Cork. September 2008

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