Irish wildflowers

Photos: nr Inishshannon, Co.Cork

Knotgrass sub species
Polygonum littorale / Polygonum aviculare ssp. littorale
Family: Polygonaceae

Native coastal sub-species of Knotgrass, P. aviculare. Sometimes confused with Ray's Knotgrass, P. oxyspermum. Identification by Alan Silverside.

Leaves without recurved margins. Smaller flowers. Mature fruits projecting from
the old flowers but are shorter than those of P. oxyspermum. Prostrate growth.
Coastal sand and shingle. Native.

"Previously recognised as a 'split' of P. aviculare but demoted in the 1960's.
Its status is due to be restored in a future volume of The Flora of Great Britain
and Ireland (published by Sell and Murrell)." Alan Silverside.

Photographs above: Near Inishannon, Co.Cork. August 2007

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