Irish wildflowers

Western Eyebright, Euphrasia tetraquetra
Photographs: Sherkin Island, Cork

Western Eyebright
Euphrasia tetraquetra
Family: Scrophulariaceae

Flowering: July-September. Semi-parasitic annual. Native.

Smaller flowers than E. arctica, in dense, 4-sided, inflorescences. Lower lip
usually white, upper lip white or lilac. Fleshy leaves, blunt-toothed, variably glandular-hairy. Stout, erect stems, short, erect/ascending branches. 5-15cm.

"The photographs are probably E. arctica x tetraquetra as the flowers are larger and leaf bracts sharper-toothed than for pure E. tetraquetra". Alan Silverside.

Found on short coastal grassland, dunes.

Photographs: Sherkin Island, Co.Cork. August 2007

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