Irish wildflowers

Lesser Swine-cress / Slender Wart-cress
Coronopus didymus
Cladhthach mhín
Family: Brassicaceae

Flowering: June-September. Annual or biennial. Probably introduced.

Tiny flowers, 1mm, often without petals. Fruit slightly rough.
Feathery, 2x pinnately lobed leaves, cress-like smell when bruised.
Prostrate, spreading growth habit. Usually hairy. Spread: 5-30cm.

Damp cultivated and waste ground. Frequent, mainly S and E Ireland.

Similar: Swine-cress, C. squamata. Larger.

Above left: Swinecress (C.squamatus) right: Lesser Swinecress (C.didymus)

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