Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Burren, Co.Clare

Blackstonia perfoliata
Dréimire buí
Family: Gentianaceae

Flowering: June-September. Annual or biennial. Native.

Branched clusters of bright yellow flowers, 6-8 petals. Deep-divided calyx.
Globular seed-capsule. Greyish-green leaves. Stem-leaves triangular-oval,
fused in pairs at base. Erect glaucous stems. Height: 15-40cm.

Calcareous, gravelly ground. Shallow, dry, stony soils, often winter-wet.
Grassland, dunes, also found on disturbed ground and roadsides.
Can be locally frequent in parts of central Ireland, but is absent from the NE.
Usually coastal in S, SE and E Ireland.

Above: Yellow-wort. The Burren, Co.Clare. August 2007

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