Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Burren, Co.Clare

Campanula rotundifolia
Méaracán gorm
Family: Campanulaceae

Flowering time: July-September. Perennial. Native.

Nodding pale-blue, bell shaped flowers, occasionally white.
More/less round root leaves, usually withering early. Small narrow stem
leaves, upper leaves unstalked. Slender stems, erect/ascending. Hairless.
Height: 15-35 cm.

Found throughout Ireland. Dry grassland, heaths, dunes, also grows in rock seams in mountaineous areas.

Similar: Ivy-leaved Bellflower, Wahlenbergia hederacea. Very small compared to Harebell. Trailing, delicate plant with ivy-like leaves. Erect bell-shaped flowers.
Acidic, peaty ground. SW Ireland, also Co. Waterford but extinct in Co. Wexford.

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