Irish wildflowers

Allseed, Radiola linoides
Photos: nr Ballingeary, Co.Cork

Radiola linoides
Gathán lín
Family: Linaceae

Flowering time: July-August. Annual. Native.

Clusters of very tiny, short-stalked white flowers. 4 petals. Globose seed capsule, more noticeable than flowers. Leaves opposite, elliptical, 1-veined. Threadlike stems, reddish. Hairless, branched plant, often overlooked. Height to 7cm.

Damp, infertile ground on sand, peat, gravel. Heaths, tracks, dune-slacks, paths. Rare except W, NW, SW Ireland. Often found with Chaffweed (Anagallis minima)

Photographs: July 2007 Forestry track near Ballingeary, Co.Cork.

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