Irish wildflowers

Blue-eyed-grass, Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Photographs: Glenbeg, Co.Cork

Sisyrinchium bermudiana
Feilistrín gorm
Family: Iridaceae

Flowering time: June - August. Perennial. Native or possibly introduced.

Small blue flowers with yellow centres, 2-4 in loose raceme. Open only in full sun. Leaf-like bracts below flowers, linear, iris-like basal leaves. Flattened stem. Curved, drooping fruiting stems. Hairless, erect, grows from rhizomes. To 60cm.

Wet meadows, lake shores, marshy ground. W Ireland, Cork, Kerry, Galway, Donegal. A North American species, probably native in Ireland. A protected species in Northern Ireland.
Similar: American Blue-eyed-grass

Blue-eyed-grass, Sisyrinchium bermudiana      

      Blue-eyed-grass, Sisyrinchium bermudiana

Glenbeg, County Cork
Above: Blue-eyed-grass location. Glenbeg, County Cork. August 2008

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