Irish wildflowers

Lesser Celandine
Ficaria verna (Ranunculus ficaria)
Grán arcáin
Family: Ranunculaceae

Flowering time: February-May. Perennial. Native

Yellow flowers with 8-10 petals and usually 3 sepals. Long ascending flower stalks. Many minutely hairy achenes. Glossy hairless leaves, long-stalked, cordate, mainly basal. Creeping, rooting stems. Rootstock is mass of white tubers.
R. ficaria ssp. ficaria: Many ripe seeds, no aerial tubers.
R. ficaria ssp. bulbilifer: Few ripe seeds, small white tubers in leaf axils.

Frequent throughout Ireland and can be locally abundant. Prefers damp soils, woods, roadsides, fields.
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