Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Barleycove, Co.Cork

Sand Pansy / Seaside Pansy
Viola tricolor subsp. curtsii
Goirmín duimhche
Family: Violaceae

Flowering time: April-August. Perennial. Native.
Long-stalked yellow flowers, the petals longer than the sepals.
End-lobe of stipules broad. Leaves oval, crenate. Stems erect, tufted, often branched. Well-developed rhizomes. Many similaries to Mountain Pansy.

Coastal, dunes and grassland. Also inland N Ireland.

Similar: Wild Pansy, V. tricolor spp.tricolor.
Mountain Pansy, V. lutea. Hairless, creeping perennial. Flowers larger, pure yellow or blue-violet. Rare.

Above: Barleycove, Co.Cork. July 2007 Above: Derrynane, Co. Kerry. May 2007

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