Irish wildflowers

Photographs: Co.Cork

Green-winged Orchid
Anacamptis morio (Orchis morio)
Magairlín féitheach
Family: Orchidaceae

Flowering time: May-June. Tuberous perennial. Native.

Flowers in a loose spike, usually purple but can be pink or occasionally white. Sepals form hood, parallel green-purplish veins. Lip broad, bluntly 3-lobed, crimson spots. Glossy green leaves, unspotted. Lower leaves in rosette, upper sheathing.

Grows on base-rich to slightly acidic soils. Grassland, dunes, heaths, roadsides.
Locally frequent, but decreasing. Endangered species.

Similar: Early Purple Orchid, O. mascula

Photographs above: Co.Cork. April 2007

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