Irish wildflowers

Portland Spurge
Euphorbia portlandica
Spuirse ghainimh
Family: Euphorbiaceae

Flowering time: May-September. Perennial. Native.

Yellow-green flowering umbels, 3-6 rayed, slender crescent-shaped glands.
Green-grey fleshy leaves, often red-tinged, with minutely pointed tips.
Prominent mid-rib. Pitted seeds. Height: 20-40 cm.

Coastal. Dunes, shingle, sea cliffs. Less frequent on W coast.

Similar: Sea Spurge, E. paralias. Thicker leaves without prominent mid-rib.

Portland Spurge, Derrynane, Co.Kerry and Greggane Strand, Co.Cork. 2007

Portland Spurge, Toormore, Co.Cork. February 2008

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